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[Orgmode] org remember anything

From: Hugo Schmitt
Subject: [Orgmode] org remember anything
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 12:42:43 -0300

So, just wrote this and maybe there are others users of Anything.el around:
Just update your anything-sources variable to include anything-org-remember.

Maybe this will get more useful for people that have 10+ templates and not enough meaninful keys.

- Hugo

Ps: if there is a better way of achieving `list-of-fst` please tell me. I find it a little odd...

(defun list-of-nth (list pos)
  (mapcar (lambda (x) (nth pos x)) list))

(defun list-of-fst (list) (list-of-nth list 0))

(setq anything-org-remember
      '((name . "Org Remember")
        (candidates . (lambda () (list-of-fst org-remember-templates)))
        (action . (lambda (name)
                    (let* ((orig-template org-remember-templates)
                            (list (assoc name orig-template))))
                      (call-interactively 'org-remember))))))

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