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[Orgmode] Re: CATEGORY in different levels

From: Sven Bretfeld
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: CATEGORY in different levels
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2008 09:44:26 +0100
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Hi Bernt

Bernt Hansen <address@hidden> writes:

> Sven Bretfeld <address@hidden> writes:

>> What have I misunderstood? In other words, how can I set the category
>> for my projects (2nd level with sub-trees) while keeping the category
>> of the "areas of responsibility" (1st level) intact over the whole
>> tree?
> Try marking your projects with a property category... like this:
> * Finances                                    :@home:
>     :CATEGORY: Finance
>     :ARCHIVE: %s_archive::* Finances
>   :END:
> * Health                                      :@home:
>     :CATEGORY: Health
>     :ARCHIVE: %s_archive::* Health
>   :END:

I've tried, but it's not working either. I tried it this way:

* Teaching
#+CATEGORY: Teaching
** Sanskrit I (WS08)               :PROJECT:
   :CATEGORY: Sanskrit
*** NEXT Find Books                :LIBRARY:

Todos are displayed correctly: 

| Sanskrit: NEXT Find Books        :LIBRARY:

But projects wrongly:

| Sanskrit I:  Sanskrit I           :PROJECT:

The same, when I change the #+CATEGORY: of the first level item into a
property of the same kind:

:CATEGORY: Teaching

Strange, isn't it? Is it working for you? Then, I'd have a wrong
customization maybe?



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