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[Orgmode] Release 5.22

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Release 5.22
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 09:20:15 +0100


I am releasing org-mode 5.22 at the usual places.


- Carsten

Changes in Version 5.22

Incompatible changes

   - The variable `org-log-done' is now less complex.
   - The in-buffer settings for logging have changed.  Some
     options no longer exists, some new ones have been added.


Changes to logging progress

    There is now more control over which state changes are being
    logged in what way.  Please read carefully the corresponding
    sections in the manual.  Basically: 

    - The variable `org-log-done' has been simplified, it no
      longer influences logging state changes and clocking out.
    - There is a new variable for triggering note-taking when
      clocking out an item: `org-log-note-clock-out'.
    - Logging of state changes now has to be configured on a
      pre-keyword basis, either in `org-todo-keywords' or in the
      #+TODO in-buffer setting.
    - These per-keyword settings allow more control.  For example

       WAIT(w@)    Record a note when entering this state.
       WAIT(w!)    Record a timestamp when entering this state.
       WAIT(w@/!)  Recore a note when entering and timestamp
                   when leaving this state.  This is great for
                   getting a record when switching *back* from
                    WAIT to TODO.
       WAIT(/!)    Record a timestamp when leaving this state.
                   Here we not even define a fast access
                   character, but just the logging stuff.

    This was triggered by requests from Wanrong Lin and Bernt Hansen.


   - M-RET no longer brakes a line in the middle, it will make a
     new line after the current or (if cursor is at the beginning
     of the line) before the current line.

   - RET, when executed in a headline after the main text and
     before the tags will leave the tags in the current line and
     create a new line below the current one.

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