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[Orgmode] Bug: Invalid face reference

From: Wanrong Lin
Subject: [Orgmode] Bug: Invalid face reference
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 18:34:01 -0500
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I found something really strange:

Whenever I do a search (either "tags-todo" search, or "todo" search), as long as the search result contains an entry with tags, the "*Messages*" buffer will generate a message like this:

Invalid face reference: nil [164 times]

The number "164" above is just an example. What actually happens is that the number keeps increasing (sometimes to over a thousand) and then stops. But if I move the cursor (in the search result buffer) to a line that has a tag, the number will increase again.

I remember months ago I had trouble using "htmlize.el" on a tag search result buffer because of some "invalid face" error, and somebody on this mailing list gave me a workaround like this:

(eval-after-load "htmlize"
    (defadvice htmlize-faces-in-buffer (after org-no-nil-faces activate)
      "Make sure there are no nil faces"
      (setq ad-return-value (delq nil ad-return-value)))))

That does work for htmlize, but I think based on my above observation, the problem has nothing to do with "htmlize.el" and something probably is wrong in org itself. I am using org 5.22a.

Thanks if someone can look into it.


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