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[Orgmode] Paging HTML export by script -- preview

From: Sebastian Rose
Subject: [Orgmode] Paging HTML export by script -- preview
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 13:31:22 +0100
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Dear reader,

have you ever dreamed of seeing an HTML exported org file in info view mode :-P ??? Wonder what that is? No?

Then you really should visit


I somehow managed to sqeeze a lot of meaningless and completely wrong bunch of digits and chars in on horrible file, copy protected the code by additional hard shaking, named it org-info.js and after all this is what came out of it.

This cruel hack somehow works any way and is meant as an appetizer for more of this sort.

Bastien Guerry was so kind to give this unfinished durty piece work a place on his otherwise clean an polished site.

Visit the URL and play around there a little bit. Dropping a note here if your browser is daring to play this script and sloped enough to display it's results in a human readable way, so we can add his name AND version to hall of fame of supported browsers.

You should be able to do part of the navigation by using the accesskey feature of current browsers (i.e. in Opera prefix each of the keys by SHIFT-ESC):

  'n' - next            (info view mode)
  'p' - previous        (info view mode)
  'i' - go to the index (info view mode)
  't' - toggle view     (always)

The code currently gets completely reworked to own up all the promisses of it's documentation.

Since the accesskeys in some current webbrowsers are for disabled people (a third hand or even a 6th finger will do to press all those keys at once), I'd appreciate a good idea (or some code) to get arround these accesskey thing (preferably without a 30 code lines browser detection) to be able to move around the file with idealy one five fingered hand. I could imagine an invisible textfield grapping the focus if lost and using standard 'onkeyup' or something. If this works, it works in most browsers I think. My hope is, that this way we could even use the famous standard emacs accesskey C-x M-c butterfly :-D (which is a mega-accesskey actualy).

I have to close now, and start to do the ever lasting code clean up.



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