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[Orgmode] Tag Inheritance

From: Jean-Marie Gaillourdet
Subject: [Orgmode] Tag Inheritance
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2008 14:04:08 +0200
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Hi list,

I am new to this list and somewhat new to org-mode. My .emacs includes

(setq org-tag-alist
      '( (:startgroup)
         ("@phone" . ?1) ("@laptop" . ?2) ("@online" . ?3) ("@uni" . ?4)
("@kl" . ?5)
         ("@home" . ?6) ("@thinking" . ?7) ("@programming" . ?8)
("@writing" . ?9) ("@meeting" . ?0)
         (:startgroup) ("APH" . ?a) ("AGMEETING" . ?g) (:endgroup)
         (:startgroup) ("idea" . ?i) ("question" . ?q) ("reference" .
?r) ("note" . ?o) (:endgroup)
         (:startgroup) ("work" . ?w) ("private" . ?p) (:endgroup)
         ("refile" . ?f)
         ("project" . ?j)
         ("dissertation" .?s)
         ("review_daily" . ?m)
         ("review_weekly" . ?,)
         ("review_monthly" . ?.)

(setq org-use-tag-inheritance '("work" "private"))

I thought this should have the effect, that work and private are
inherited while all other tags are not.

But C-c C-c on the second line of:

* Test 1                       :@laptop:work:
*** Test 2

shows, that @laptop is inherited while work is not inherited. The
documentation of org-use-tag-inheritance states

> This may also be a list of tags that should be inherited, or a regexp
> that matches tags that should be inherited.

Therefore, I assumed that work should be inherited and @laptop. Is this
a bug in the documentation or the implementation? How can I get the
negated behaviour?

Best regards,

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