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[Orgmode] ideas for org-refile

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [Orgmode] ideas for org-refile
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 12:07:53 -0700

I am just starting to use org-refile.  I read the manual but these
didn't seem to be there.  (It's possible that I missed one or two.)

Maybe they would be of interest?

*** org-refile
***** org-refile: new command to save to the last place saved
thus, you don't need to enter any target.
***** org-refile: accept a region if transient-mark-mode
***** org-refile: allow you to enter a new item
it will create that and refile under it.  might need to experiment
with different interfaces.
***** org-refile: use ido.el or similar when using path method
or iswitchb or anything.el.  obviously you would not want it
to require such packages, but for those who have them.


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