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[Orgmode] Re: Sync org-mode files in different computers

From: Flávio de Souza
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Sync org-mode files in different computers
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 22:17:54 -0200
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address@hidden (Jason F. McBrayer) writes:

> address@hidden (Flávio de Souza) writes:
>> I would like to know how I sync org-mode files in different computer
>> over local network and over the internet.
> I think most people will agree that the best way to sync org-mode files
> is to keep them under some kind of version control system.  The
> advantage that has over something like rsync is that if you happen to
> make changes in different places (laptop and home, for example) without
> synchronizing in between (because you forget, or because your network
> connection is down, or something), then you can merge your edits in some
> way more fine-grained than "newest change wins".
> I started out using Subversion (svn) to keep my org-mode files, and am
> now using Mercurial (hg), which has both the advantages of being a dvcs
> (every working copy is also a complete repository) and of being easier
> to set up.  Many people also like git or bzr.  For just the purposes of
> syncing your org-mode files, which one you choose isn't very important. 
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Thanks, right now I am trying git.

Flávio de Souza

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