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[Orgmode] Setting org-archive-location

From: David Neu
Subject: [Orgmode] Setting org-archive-location
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2008 15:05:26 -0500


Is there any way to get the second part of the org-archive-location
variable, i.e. the part after the colon that corresponds to headline,
to be the headline under which an subtree lies.  For example, consider

* Work
** Finsh DBMS
*** TODO Define schema
*** TODO Write code
** Implement API
*** TODO Develop prototype

* Home
** Clean garage
*** TODO Buy shelves
*** TODO Install shelves

For "Finish DBMS", and "Implement API", you might want to have

(setq org-archive-location (format-time-string
"%%s-%Y-%m-archive.org::* Work" (current-time)))

but for "Clean garage", you would then want

(setq org-archive-location (format-time-string
"%%s-%Y-%m-archive.org::* Home" (current-time)))

Is there any way to achieve this behavior?

Many thanks!


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