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Re: [Orgmode] Automatic Update of Org files

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Automatic Update of Org files
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 15:40:42 -0700

IIUC, source is not under your complete control.  You need it orgified
but also annotated.  There are various annotation mechanisms.  My
comments on the remember redesign might be relevant.

You could consider going backward.  Have your org file contain links
to the read-only stuff.  Put entry IDs in the read-only stuff.

Dunno if this helps.

Here is something I had lying around:

Another feature is to have org-registry show on the mode
line when a link points to the current buffer's object (w3m
page, file, dired, etc.).  You click on it to go to the org
file link.  See my remember suggestions in a previous thred
for more re annotations, bookmarks, and registry.

I proposed this before:

=== snip

Extension #2 to the bookmark idea.

My idea is to always have annotations available for
emacs-w3m, dired, files, like org-annotate-file, just with
more modes.

You can see in the mode line that whatever buffer you are in
has an annotation, and you can make an annotation.  You can
also go to the annotation.

The annotations are stored in an org file anywhere in the
hierarchy.  Thus, if you want, annotations on a doctor's web
site can be stored in the entry for that doctor that is in
your org file.  If you visit that web site from any source,
even Google, the mode line says that it is annotated.  Then
you can pull up that entry with a command.

Likewise with files or dired or whatever.  For example, you
can comment org.el or /etc/passwd without having to modify

Remember code seems a plausible place to arrange for
choosing a location and putting a note into it.  Annotations
are like bookmarks with text that also go the other
direction.  It's natural to combine the idea of a bookmark
and the idea of an annotation.

You might want the mode line to say "there is bookmark to
this (web page, file, etc.)" as one character and "there is
a text note about this" as another character.  Thus, if you
have annotated a file and the file is unmodified, you will
see "-u:--!!" and if you have merely bookmarked the location
without commenting on it, then you will see "-u:--!-".
=== snip

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