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[Orgmode] [OT] Re: unicorn

From: Detlef Steuer
Subject: [Orgmode] [OT] Re: unicorn
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 13:18:06 +0100

> I teach several courses in mythology at my university (it's my area of
> concentration), and I feel inclined to say that the unicorn, as a
> mythological animal, does not have any type of queer of emasculating
> connotation in myth. In fact, it is sometimes quite a masculine animal
> that is related to the stag in the grail quest (the stag stabs, with his
> antler, the inner thigh of the grail knight, thus showing the stag's
> greater masculinity). These animals are symbols of divinity,
> essentially, of the fusion of purity and power. They don't really have a
> sexual connotation other than the idea of generative power (like the
> bull). Queer is a new idea in myth; it's about fifty years old. Myth
> itself, on the other hand, is about 70,000 years old. So, the
> application of queer terminology to mythological items such as unicorns
> is a modern practice which has no real impact on ancient myths and myth
> items such as the unicorn. In a thousand years we will still have myths
> of the unicorn, but the idea of queer will probably have evolved into
> something else (it already is evolving into something else...).
> As to the question of whether or not unicorns still exist (see org FAQ),
> this falls within the same domain as the question of whether Atlantis
> exists. The answer (as much as there can be one) is that they do exist,
> as mythological items that Carl Jung called "archetypal;" they are
> essential to, and foundational of, human nature. They will always be a
> part of human culture, and exist timelessly in that sense whether or not
> they exist in fact.
> I can hardly ever contribute anything useful to this list. Today is an
> exception.

Thank you very much! Posts like these convince me, that org-mode
is a very nice and capable filter to find people who are worth listening to.

Carsten, you started building a tool and what you've got is a real 
interdisciplinary fan group!

Nice weekend to all of you

Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast. - Shakespeare

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