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Re: [Orgmode] Selecting items within date range and repeated events in a

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Selecting items within date range and repeated events in agenda view
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2009 16:28:44 +0100

C-c a m CLOSED>="<-7d>"+CLOSED<"<today>" RET

will show things closed last week.

To show log info from last week, make the agenda show that
and then turn on log mode with

l             Show clocking and CLOSED stuff
C-u l         Show also state change notes dated last week
C-u C-u l     Show only logging stuff, not other stuff that was,
              for example, scheduled during the time interval.


- Carsten

On Feb 22, 2009, at 7:32 PM, Spike Spiegel wrote:


I organize my work in weekly batches, meaning that monday morning I do
two things:
1) review what I've done the previous week
2) plan out the upcoming week
My agenda view is a block agenda with 1 block for daily agenda, 1 for
projects todo and 1 for all other todos

What I need and don't seem to be able to work out is a list of items
that took place last week, meaning that if TODOs their CLOSED state
was in that date range or if NOTEs their inactive date was in that
date range. If this was applied to an .org file like a sparse tree it
would also preserve tasks orders which would give me a much more
meaningful view.

OTOH, while playing with this stuff (I got something partially working
using (org-agenda-start-day "-7")) I noticed that when looking at the
agenda for the last week the repeated even that I marked as DONE
wouldn't show up. The way I understood repeated evens is that they get
a CLOSED note/timestamp and then are marked again as TODO. Is this the
way they are supposed to work? How do people look at previous
instances of a repeated event if they are removed from the agenda
because they are refiled as TODO?


"Behind every great man there's a great backpack" - B.

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