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Re: Re: R: [Orgmode] Show parent header in agenda

From: Ivan Nedrehagen
Subject: Re: Re: R: [Orgmode] Show parent header in agenda
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 11:08:54 +0100
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please, read more carefully the manual on section 10.5.

use C-u N[1]   b

[1] with N the number of headings you want to go up

Yes indeed, C-u 1 b shows the parent header in another buffer.
It does not give me quite the overview that I am looking for
but it is a decent alternative. But I think Ill give my Elisp
a shot.

I am thinking of a solution that would fit me.

If I have a TODO that is covered by subtopics, I mark it with the
todo string IN PROGRESS (an alternative would be a tag)

Ill make some option so that, if there is a header marked IN PROGRESS
(or tag) it will display it and a filtered selection of the subheaders.
So that my agenda will look like this:

mygtd:      ...IN PROGRESS A main topic
mygtd:      ...+----TODO Fix me
mygtd:      ...+----TODO Fix me too
mygtd:      ...+----NEXT Fix me first

or something like that.

But in the meantime ill just make a shortcut to C-u 1 b ;)


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