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[Orgmode] column view: hiding :PROPERTIES:, and overriding edit restrict

From: news
Subject: [Orgmode] column view: hiding :PROPERTIES:, and overriding edit restrictions
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 03:10:25 +0000

    when I enter column view I can cycle through tree visibility
    settings by hitting the tab key, but can only hide the :PROPERTIES:
    line under the top heading if I fold the tree completely.
    I want to be able to see all headings, but no :PROPERTIES: 
    How can I do this?
    Also.. how can I override the restriction that prevents me from
    editing a value when there is a corresponding formula and the header
    has children: "The value is computed from the entry's children" 
    When using my previously posted org-columns-content function, I
    may be only interested in accumulating values to the top level, and
    not intermediate levels. So I may want to be able to edit these
    intermediate level headings.


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