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Re: [Orgmode] ~verbatim~ and =code= inconsistency exporting to Latex/HTM

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] ~verbatim~ and =code= inconsistency exporting to Latex/HTML
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 20:16:01 +0100

On Mar 14, 2009, at 8:23 PM, Emilio Garcia Cota wrote:

Carsten Dominik wrote:
The reason for this is that in LaTeX, inline pieces use


If "=" is part of the string, this construct fails. Whatever character
I choose,  it will fail for someone.  I guess I could use the
paragraph symbol §, maybe this is the least likely one of them all?
it works in my LaTeX installation - could a few more people try this
on their systems?



work in LaTeX?

It works, but it would just move the problem somewhere else instead of
solving it.

More flexible solutions (yet more involved) could be:
- Escape the characters ourselves (i.e. do not use \verb)
- have a stack of suitable delimiter characters (i.e. any character except
 letters, * or space) and use the first one that's not in the region.

This is how it works now.

A simpler solution would be to stick to '=' and '~' as delimiters,
documenting this shortcoming when exporting to LaTeX.

Yes, I know this, both constructs use \verb in LateX. I'd say this is
clearly good enough, though.


Is there a non-monospaced, verbatim equivalent for \verb in LaTeX?

AFAIK there isn't.

What should it influence? The standard LaTeX header we use (maketitle)
does not list the email.  You can build your own title, using
as a place holder.

I was expecting it to generate something like this:
\author{my Name $<$\href{mailto:address@hidden@ma.il}$>$
Anyway yes, I could do it myself.

By the way, using \verb inside other commands (such as \section) is
forbidden in LaTeX; shall we include a warning in the manual, silently
ignore ~~ and == in those places, or maybe just leave as it is (It'll
break when compiling the.tex) ?

I think we can just have it break when compiling TeX.  We cannot
possibly document TeX in the Org manual.

- Carsten

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