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[Orgmode] where to place org-mode and remember lisp files

From: Henri Fischer
Subject: [Orgmode] where to place org-mode and remember lisp files
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 22:35:27 +0200


I'm having trouble using org-mode version 6.26d in combination with Emacs 22.3.1 (i386-apple-darwin-9.6.0, Carbon version 1.6.0) which contains org-mode 5.23a.
The 6.26d source files are stored in ~/elisp. The Remember source files I placed in ~/elisp/remember.
Without (setq load-path (cons "~/elisp" load-path)) in my .emacs, I'm running 5.23a which allows me to export org files to Latex and to use Remember. With (setq load-path (cons "~/elisp" load-path) in my .emacs sure enough version 6.26d is loaded. However exporting an org file to Latex and using C-c r for Remember both result in to errors. See below. Any idea how I can solve these errors? I would like to keep my org-mode and Remember source files in the locations mentioned above. I've been moving the source files arround (for instance the new source files to /Applications/Emacs.app/Contents/Resources/lisp/textmodes, but with no success. Thanks for your help.


error when exporting to Latex:
Exporting to LaTeX...
org-export-latex-content: Symbol's function definition is void: org-cleaned-string-for-export

error when exporting to Latex and proces to pdf:
if: Wrong type argument: commandp, org-export-as-pdf

error when using C-c r for Remember:
Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Autoloading failed to define function org-remember")

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