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[Orgmode] Re: Org protocol and new frame for remember

From: Matthew Lundin
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Org protocol and new frame for remember
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2009 15:12:56 -0500
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My apologies for the initial post fragment. (Note to self: C-c C-c
binding for jumping to footnote reference does not work in Gnus!)

Let's try this again:

Hi all,

I've recently begun to use org-protocol. I've been using it with the
intriguing emacs-inspired browser Conkeror.[1] With the help of a nice
blog post by Tassilo,[2] I have worked out a basic way to send snippets
from the browser to remember via org-protocol. The great thing about
Conkeror is that you can invoke org-remember the same way you do in
emacs (either with M-x org-remember or, via a custom keybinding, with
C-c r).

I've posted my hacks at the bottom of the org-protocol page on Worg. Any
advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated:


(My apologies to Sebastian if these should go somewhere else -- feel
free to move them!)

As I experiment with the fabulous org-protocol, I wonder whether I've
missed a variable in org-protocol that tells the function
org-protocol-remember to create a *temporary* new frame (i.e., one that
pops up above the browser and then disappears after typing C-c C-c). 

I know I can set the variable remember-in-new-frame to t, but I would
ideally like the new frame only for org-protocol-remember and not for
other invocations of remember. My current solution is to advise the
function org-protocol-remember (i.e., to set remember-in-new-frame
locally for that function). 

But I thought it might be a nice addition to org-protocol if there were
a variable that accomplishes this (e.g.,
org-protocol-remember-in-new-frame). I'd be eager to know if I am
missing a current way to do this.




[1] http://conkeror.org/


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