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[Orgmode] Re: footnote renumber bug

From: Matthew Lundin
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: footnote renumber bug
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 11:05:46 -0500
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Matthew Lundin <address@hidden> writes:

> Andreas Röhler <address@hidden> writes:
>> Karl Maihofer wrote:
>>> Andreas Roehler schrieb:
>>>> after reopening a file with two footnotes inside,
>>>> inserting a third footnote between first and second, it
>>>> fails to renumber it.

A follow up to my previous email: Though org-mode does not automatically
renumber footnotes, it does a fantastic job of detecting footnotes that
already exist in a file and creating uniquely numbered footnote IDs for
each new footnote. For this one needs either of the following settings:

(setq org-footnote-auto-label t)


(setq org-footnote-auto-label 'plain)


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