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Re: [Orgmode] org-store-link forgets external filename?

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] org-store-link forgets external filename?
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2009 23:27:15 +0200

Hi Stefan,

the magic of id: links is just that they are globally unique, and that
they will find the right target even if you move the target entry
from one file to another. Therefore, export to HTML should automatically insert the correct file name. And this is just how it works for me.

File a has

* headline 1
  :ID:       5E58A8EE-0DFC-4D05-BA53-D6B969919049

In file b I am inserting

here is the [[id:5E58A8EE-0DFC-4D05-BA53-D6B969919049][headline 1]]

and in HTML this becomes a link

<a href="a.html#ID-5E58A8EE-0DFC-4D05-BA53-D6B969919049">headline 1</a>

Try M-x org-id-update-id-location to fix ID confusion.


- Carsten

On Jul 5, 2009, at 3:09 PM, Stefan Vollmar wrote:


I just noticed that there seems to be a problem with org-store-link (or in that context) with the current development version (6.28trans).

I want to insert a link to one section of one org-file into another org-file, so I change to the file with the section I want to link to and use org-store-link (that section already has an ID property; the heading's name is displayed in the minibuffer - fine). I return to the file where I want to insert the link and use org-insert-link which offers the id I had just stored.

(1) However, only the id is inserted and org seems to forget about the other file's name, "literal hyperlinks" yields:
[[id:2806BA39-087E-4E2E-89E6-6DFA332727D2][some heading]]
When exporting to HTML, the link is rendered to a local link (here: "#2806BA39...") of the current file rather than "./my-other-org- file#2806BA39...", which is a problem, of course. Clicking on the link in org-mode will also not open the file.

(2) org-insert-link offers a list of ids which have been stored with the corresponding headings added on the right, using Arrow-Up and Arrow-Down will show the selected id in the minibuffer. As I want org to come up with unique ids for sections automatically (it does), I am usually not interested what ids it actually generates and I would suggest a different approach with org-insert-link: have a list of headings instead of a list of ids and show the selected link's heading, not its id, in the minibuffer, sorry if this has been discussed before. There may be cases where it is important to see a link's id in the selection so one could have an optional mode that adds the ids to the list.

Warm regards,
Dr. Stefan Vollmar, Dipl.-Phys.
Max-Planck-Institut für neurologische Forschung
Gleuelerstr. 50, 50931 Köln, Germany
Tel.: +49-221-4726-213  FAX +49-221-4726-298
Tel.: +49-221-478-5713  Mobile: 0160-93874279
Email: address@hidden   http://www.nf.mpg.de

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