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[Orgmode] Typo in org-clock.el

From: Matthew Lundin
Subject: [Orgmode] Typo in org-clock.el
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2009 13:58:30 -0500
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Hi Carsten, 

I discovered a typo in org-clock.el that was preventing
org-clock-in-hook from working.

- Matt


diff --git a/lisp/org-clock.el b/lisp/org-clock.el
index d0a6ebf..79dcb49 100644
--- a/lisp/org-clock.el
+++ b/lisp/org-clock.el
@@ -582,7 +582,7 @@ the clocking selection, associated with the letter `d'."
            (setq org-clock-mode-line-timer
                  (run-with-timer 60 60 'org-clock-update-mode-line))
            (message "Clock starts at %s - %s" ts msg-extra)
-           (run-hooks 'org-click-in-hook)))))))
+           (run-hooks 'org-clock-in-hook)))))))
 (defun org-clock-mark-default-task ()
   "Mark current task as default task."

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