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Re: [Orgmode] [org-Calendar] Recurring events with exception on days

From: Brian van den Broek
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] [org-Calendar] Recurring events with exception on days
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 02:19:36 -0400
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Marcelo de Moraes Serpa said unto the world at 12/07/09 11:47 PM:
Hello list!

Is there a way to schedule an item as a recurring event AND tell org
to exclude it from specific weekdays (for example, Saturday & Sunday)

Thanks in advance,


Hi Marcelo,

The easiest thing is to define n distinct events, one for each pf the n days of the week for which you wish to schedule it. When I do that, I put them all under a `container' heading that exists solely to group them.

That isn't entirely satisfactory, but it works well enough for me. You can also use sexp diary entries <http://orgmode.org/manual/Timestamps.html#Timestamps> though I've never bothered.


Brian vdB

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