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[Orgmode] Re: [misc-new-features 4/5] extra long subject lines

From: James TD Smith
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: [misc-new-features 4/5] extra long subject lines
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 13:13:12 +0100
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Hi Bernt,

On 2009-07-13 07:55:04(-0400), Bernt Hansen wrote:
> James TD Smith <address@hidden> writes:
> > You can customise `org-link-check-clipboards' to check either the X 
> > clipboards
> > or kill-ring only, or both, or none. If you have the interprogram-cut/paste
> > functions set, you probably only want to use the kill-ring only.
> > ---
> Hi James,
> The summary line (subject) is way too long.  If this gets applied it
> won't show up very nicely in git shortlog or git log.
> Normally the subject line (first line of the commit) is a short one-line
> summary of the patch that fits in less than 80 chars.  If you find you
> that is not enough that is usually a sign that the patch should be split
> into multiple smaller commits.
> You can put as much detail as you want in the body of the patch (line
> 3+).  Line 2 is blank - to separate the one-line summary from the
> description for the commit.

Sorry about that, guess I'm a bit rusty :). I've fixed the commit logs and
pushed them to my git repository.


|-<James TD Smith>-<email/address@hidden>-|

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