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[Orgmode] Re: Bug Report for emacs 23 and follow-mode

From: Cian OConnor
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Bug Report for emacs 23 and follow-mode
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 14:45:32 +0100
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How embarrassing. I was getting mixed up with indirect buffers. So while the bug report is technically valid, it seems fairly unimportant...

Did I mention what a great product this is..?

Cian OConnor wrote:

I'm using a fairly recent build of Emacs 23 on windows (, and while follow-mode seems to work fine for ordinary files, it does not work in .org files. Instead I get a blank screen for the second buffer. I'm using the latest version of org-mode (from the website, not CVS).

Interestingly it seems to be working fine for the Agenda mode.

I cleared out my .emacs file and this didn't make any difference, so I don't think its anything weird in my config, though I can try again if this is not replicable for anyone.

Feel a bit bad posting a bug report as my first message on this list, so I'll try and leave on a high note. Fantastic program! Totally in love.

Cian O'Connor

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