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[Orgmode] Cannot get clock history persist to work...

From: Steve Cothern
Subject: [Orgmode] Cannot get clock history persist to work...
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 11:57:44 -0700

Hi Folks,


Subject says it all.  I am following Bernt's excellent web resource in getting up and going on Org mode.  I confirm that the history is being saved in ~/.emacs.d/org-clock-save.el.  I have tried both


(setq org-clock-persistence-insinuate)




and have also tried using (require 'org-clock).  Nothing works.  Is there any other obvious thing I should check?  I am currently using 6.28d with Emacs 22.3.1 on OS X 10.5.7.  A shallow pass with 6.28e reveals the same behavior.







;; Resume clocking tasks when emacs is restarted

(setq org-clock-persistence-insinuate)


;; Yes it's long... but more is better ;)

(setq org-clock-history-length 35)

;; Resume clocking task on clock-in if the clock is open

(setq org-clock-in-resume t)

;; Change task state to STARTED when clocking in

(setq org-clock-in-switch-to-state "STARTED")

;; Save clock data and notes in the LOGBOOK drawer

(setq org-clock-into-drawer t)

;; Sometimes I change tasks I'm clocking quickly - this removes clocked tasks with 0:00 duration

(setq org-clock-out-remove-zero-time-clocks t)

;; Don't clock out when moving task to a done state

(setq org-clock-out-when-done nil)

;; Save the running clock and all clock history when exiting Emacs, load it on startup

(setq org-clock-persist t)



J. Steven Cothern

Senior Software Engineer

j2 Global Communications, Inc.

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