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Re: [Orgmode] broken link in manual

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] broken link in manual
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 00:00:32 +0200
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Nick Dokos <address@hidden> writes:

> The navigation menu on the left of the page is out of sync: it contains
> a link to a non-existent appendix "A Extensions" in between the
> "Miscellaneous" link and the "B Hacking" link. The manual itself goes
> from Ch. 14 "Miscellaneous" to "Hacking" as its Next: link.  The bad
> link is
>    http://orgmode.org/manual/Extensions.html#Extensions


I've fixed this by updating the manual in http://orgmode.org/manual/
This manual don't have the fancy navigation, but since it's available
from http://orgmode.org/org.html I guess it's all right.  At least the
link is not broken anymore.


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