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[Orgmode] bug and two suggestions for org-remember

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [Orgmode] bug and two suggestions for org-remember
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 21:42:13 -0700

With templates like the following, I sometimes get things
refiled to a new heading at the end of the file, instead of
to an existing "mytarget" which is not at top level.

          ("test" ?t    "* %? %i -- %a\n" "/path/to/test.org" "mytarget")

What I expected is that the existing target would be used.

The difference appears to be that I added a todo kw on the
"mytarget" headline.  It appears as if org-remember expects
the target to have no todo kw.  I expected the todo kw to be
irrelevant to choosing the target,[fn:8] I think that most people
would probably expect the same.

My proposed fix is to make remember choose a target without
regard to its todo kw.

I also suggest that org-IDs be usable in place of a headline
string for "mytarget".  If the target does not exist, then
an error can be signaled.

Finally, perhaps the comments at the top of the remember
buffer can show the full olpath of the default target,
perhaps in a different face.


[fn:8] I haven't looked into whether choosing a headline
using a search link or agenda search pay attention to the
todo kw, but I would guess that they do not.  Refile appears to work
as I expect.

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