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[Orgmode] How to track time spent on a project

From: Geralt
Subject: [Orgmode] How to track time spent on a project
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 12:40:22 +0200


I want to track the time that I'll spend on a new project. For this
I'm planning to use org-mode's clocking feature, so far my first tests
(I've never used org-agenda before) showed me that I can do this
easily from the agenda view, as long as I have a DATE: property in my
node. And that's a bit of a problem because I don't really have a
scheduled date when I'm going to work on a part of this project.
Is there a way in org-mode to just clock the time and have the agenda
view show me on the views for every day (or time interval) just the
clocked times for every tree item that fall into this time
And how can I start clocking items that do not show up in the agenda
view? I'm not sure if it's understandable what I want, so I here's a
small example org-file and a description of what I want to see and how
I want to work on it:
Basic layout of the org-file:
* Part 1
  CLOCK: [2009-07-20 Mon 12:40]--[2009-07-20 Mon 14:43] =>  2:03
  CLOCK: [2009-07-23 Thu 22:28]--[2009-07-23 Thu 22:48] =>  0:20
* Part 2
  CLOCK: [2009-07-24 Fri 09:45]--[2009-07-24 Fri 11:15] =>  1:30

What I want:
(Re-)start at any time the clocking of one of either Part 1 or Part 2
whenever I'm working on it and get summaries of the total working
times on a day, week, or whatever time interval I want and the total
working time I've spent on the project or single parts on it.

I assume that a lot of you are using org-mode exactly for this purpose
and probably you know how to do it better, so if you have any
suggestions how I could do it better please tell me :-)



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