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[Orgmode] Re: org-mode meets git a first proposal ?!

From: Torsten Wagner
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: org-mode meets git a first proposal ?!
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 00:32:14 +0900

2009/7/24 Matthew Lundin <address@hidden>
Torsten Wagner <address@hidden> writes:


> First of all everything which org-mode is aware of is within a
> git-repro. That makes it highly portable. If you like to use your
> complete working environment (your org-files and all linked files) on
> another computer a easy "git clone git://myfirstcomputer/org.git" will
> do the job never miss a file !!!! For sure, a little script within
> emacs might make it easier as well, just ask for the source address
> and destination and a few seconds to minutes later you will find your
> complete org-mode work-environment on the other machine.

Though I can't address your idea of creating links to git revisions (I
believe this idea was discussed here recently), you might want to check
out org-attach.el as a way of pulling all relevant files into a git

Thanks Matt to guide me to org-attach.el. You are right it might cover great parts of what I was looking to do.
I will try it and see how fare it fits 

one of my org-files, I simply use vc-next-action (C-x v v) to check in
recent changes. Also I make heavy use of vc-log, vc-annotate, vc-diff,
etc. to survey changes to a file.

I also highly recommend magit. It makes it very easy to manage all
recent uncommitted changes to a git repo. Thanks to magit and vc-git, I

I use a git-mode too. Unfortunately it seems there are several concurrent git-mode implementations available.
I will check out for vc and magit... overall it look like maybe great portions of "my" idea are realised in one or the other form already.
Maybe there is only some more glue necessary to bind all this together to make it even more easy to use it directly in org-mode ?!
That said, I think it would be nice to be able to create links to
particular git commits.

In my post I thought I like to give a picture of what might be all possible by combining git and org-mode. However my initial idea was to preserve links.
Thus, I have no problem to synthesis the idea to a much more clean and foccused point of having  *frozen-links*.

If I link to a file which is part of a git-repro (maybe added by org-attach.el) I would like to have the option to tag the git-repro and visit the state of the git-repro at the time the link was created. A link might look like [the link]@<the date> or [the link]@"first commit line"   to indicate that this is a "frozen" link in a git system, different colours might indicate whehter the content changed already over time.

I think only this new feature might be able to introduce org-mode as a very nice tool the managment of programming projects. All programmers of an project can beside of the source code keep org-files for more verbose description and ideas with plenty links to the source code itself and the frozen links make sure that the thinks they refer to never become wrong or obsolete.
In general, I just realised that org-mode might be an nice solution for programming project managment. Starting from writing up your requirement specification, discussion and explaination among the dev-team as well as the documentation. All can be done in a org-file beside the source code helping to make make comments in the source code itself not to verbose.

Nice.... will try it out soon....

As for all the other parts which might be an advantage by using git, you might be right and it is covered by the tools you mentioned already.

Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.


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