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Re: [Orgmode] Re: How do you use org for other formats

From: Brian van den Broek
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Re: How do you use org for other formats
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 13:49:15 -0400
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Bernt Hansen said unto the world at 30/07/09 01:13 PM:
zwz <address@hidden> writes:

I recently found the problem when I want to export the org file to
html and pdf. I guess there will be some people (who are also not so
familiar with the powerful org-mode) bothered by the same issue, that
is, html and pdf requires different org format sometimes.
 - I use $ y = x_1^2 + x_2^2 $ in org, it works for pdf, but not for html
 - "_" in text will introduce mess in pdf, not in html


The following test file works fine for me as far as I can tell

,----[ x.org ]
| #+TITLE:     x.org
| #+AUTHOR:    Bernt Hansen
| #+EMAIL:     address@hidden
| #+DATE:      2009-07-30 Thu
| #+OPTIONS:   H:3 num:t toc:t \n:nil @:t ::t |:t ^:t -:t f:t *:t <:t
| #+OPTIONS:   TeX:t LaTeX:nil skip:nil d:nil todo:t pri:nil tags:not-in-toc
| #+INFOJS_OPT: view:nil toc:nil ltoc:t mouse:underline buttons:0 
| #+LINK_UP: | #+LINK_HOME: | | * Test | | Some math formulae: | | y = x_1^2 + x_2^2 | | y^2 = 2x^2 + 1 | | z_2 = x_1 + x_2 + 2 (y_1 + y_2 + r)

This renders HTML (C-c C-e b) [*1*] and PDF (C-c C-e d) [*2*] that look
fine to me


[*1*]  http://www.norang.ca/tmp/x.html
[*2*]  http://www.norang.ca/tmp/x.pdf

Hi all,

I don't export from org at all, but Bernt's pdf doesn't look right to me. Notice that in the first equation, the exponents appear as `^2' (i.e., with the `^' character). As a heavy LaTeX user, I would write it as `y = x_{1}^{2} + x_{2}^{2}', but trying Bernt's file with this modification, I still had the same result (`^2' in the output as opposed to a superscripted `2'). Org 6.28d and emacs 22.2.1 on ubuntu 8.10.


Brian vdB

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