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Re: [Orgmode] no annual agenda entries for repeater interval "year"

From: Steffen Prochnow
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] no annual agenda entries for repeater interval "year"
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 19:03:57 +0200
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> ...because you'll need to schedule the entry?
> The entry has to be a TODO, and scheduled or a deadline. After you
> switched it to DONE ('S-RIGHT'), the entry shows up as done this year,
> and as TODO next year.
> Note, that `S-RIGHT' will switch the state from TODO to STARTED to TODO again
>     * TODO some headline
>       SCHEDULED: <2009-09-16 Wed +1y>
>     * TODO Headline
>       SCHEDULED: <2010-09-16 Do +1y> 
>       - State "DONE"       from "STARTED"    [2009-09-17 Do 00:38]
>       :LOGBOOK:
>       :END:
>       :PROPERTIES:
>       :LAST_REPEAT: [2009-09-17 Do 00:38]
>       :END:

Shifting the date by the specified time interval
(marking DONE) works for me!

I'm missing the repeated year entry in the agenda. E.g.,

* headline
SCHEDULED: <2009-09-17 Thu +12m>

produces repeated agenda entries for 2010-09-17, etc. But,

* headline
SCHEDULED: <2009-09-17 Thu +1y>

does not.

-- Steffen

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