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[Orgmode] Re: org-babel: interactive terminal support

From: Benjamin Andresen
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: org-babel: interactive terminal support
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 01:46:49 +0200
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Hey Eric,

"Eric Schulte" <address@hidden> writes:

> Benjamin Andresen <address@hidden> writes:
> So if I understand the purpose is to evaluate source-code blocks in
> Org-mode files which will open terminals in new windows, send shell
> commands to those terminals, and either display information in the
> terminals and possible insert output from those terminals into Org-mode
> buffers?
The first part is correct. It will open different terminals depending on
the amount of sessions specified and run the code in the source-code

It's only a one-way street at the moment though, the resulting output is
currently dismissed. (But possible to get, depending on what
shell/config is used. screen's hardcopy.)

> I like the idea, however I can't get it working on my Mac.  I am able to
> pop open new xterms, however nothing seems to make it into or out of
> screen (maybe this is because I all ways have screen running as my
> normal terminal emulator?).

Nope, that shouldn't have anything to do with it. I also have screen
running at all times. It's creating a new screen instance for every
session. The sockets are named org-babel-session-$SESSION.

The problem might be in line 49, because I hard-coded a one second sleep
timer in there to only send the resulting source code block afterward.
(To give xterm and screen a time to spawn.)

That's pretty dirty and I should fix that.

> I don't see where you have /bin/zsh hard-coded...

That's because my mail was sent before I had a look around how other
modes handle parameter. Now it's defaulting to "sh" but it can be
changed with :cmd

> Thanks! -- Eric


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