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[Orgmode] Must less available colors under text-mode

From: Jing Su @ Gmail
Subject: [Orgmode] Must less available colors under text-mode
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 17:43:08 -0400
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Dear all,

I realized that under text-mode only 8 colors are available for org-faces, in contrast that all colors defined in rgb.txt are available in graphic mode.

It looks that all other colors are mapped into one of the 8 colors: black, blue, cyan, green, magenta, red, white, or yellow.

E.g., when I set ``DarkGoldenrod''  by

(custom-set-faces '(org-level-1 ((t (:foreground "DarkGoldenrod" :weight bold)))))

and check org-faces, under Org Level 1 face => Attributes => Foreground => Color, the text ``sample'' at the end of the same line shows correct color, but the text ``sample'' in the same line with ``Org Level 1 face'' is yellow, and org-mode actually used ``yellow''. Same thing for other colors.

I cannot use Customize Group => org-faces to set any color other than the 8 mentioned above.

Please also refer to the attached screen snap.

I was wondering if more colors can be activated under text-mode.

Thanks a lot!


Jing Su
PhD, Biomedical Engineering
Georgia Tech & Emory University
Email: address@hidden

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