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[Orgmode] HTML export without all <div ...> tags

From: Detlef Steuer
Subject: [Orgmode] HTML export without all <div ...> tags
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 15:00:10 +0200


I'm in the process of adapting cmsimple (www.cmsimple.dk) to use our 
university's corporate design. Cmsimple in its core is a php script, which 
takes _one_
html file and creates the complete layout of a site on the fly while splitting 
the file apart at h[123] levels.

Now I want to create that one html file with org-mode. What else? 

If I could get org-mode to export pure html without all the <div> tags I think 
I am done. But how to explain to orgmode to be dumb?

The variable Org-Export-Html-Style-Include-Default ist set to nil, so no 
definitions included. Nevertheless the way divs are grouped around headlines 
seems to disturb cmsimple and its layout. 
At least, if I remove all divs the layout is just fine.

Is there a way to get rid of all div tags in exported html?


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