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[Orgmode] suggestion: options for chronological agenda

From: Ilya Shlyakhter
Subject: [Orgmode] suggestion: options for chronological agenda
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 01:02:52 -0400

I often need to find recently modified entries.   I try to timestamp
entries I work on with the active timestamps
(in angular brackets), and use the C-x a L command.   This mostly
works, but is imperfect:
    - when i use time logging, it inserts "inactive" timestamps that
are not found this way.   so, i can't use this to find
    "recently worked on" entries.
    - it looks at the _first_ timestamp in an entry, rather than the
_last_ timestamp
    - it is limited to one file .   would be much better if it could
be made to work across the entire agenda.
    - it would be fine to have the option to limit it to entries
within the last, say, week, if that would speed it up.

The suggestion is to enhance the timeline agenda with options to:
   - recognize "inactive" timestamps ([in square brackets])
   - use last, rather than first, timestamp in an entry
   - search the entire agenda, rather than just the current file
   - limit the agenda to entries within the last (say) week.

The timeview agenda was of course originally designed for another use
case -- as a personal calendar/diary.
But I'm finding myself repeatedly using it this way: organize the
entries by hierarchical subject, and use the timeline
agenda to generate a chronological listing.

It would also be _really_ great if the chronological listing could be
filtered to contain only entries matching a certain
tag/property query.   Then you could e.g. get a chronological list of
"important" entries, or entries on a certain


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