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[Orgmode] Extracting agenda information: what encoding?

From: Dave Milter
Subject: [Orgmode] Extracting agenda information: what encoding?
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 00:22:20 +0400

I try this from manual(

emacs -batch -l ~/.emacs -eval '(org-batch-agenda "a")'

and get some garbage on place of not English letters,

encoding guessing software tell me that it is
  "Doubly-encoded to UTF-8 from ISO-8859-5", but I unable to recover
text from it.

I used Linux with utf-8 locale, I never faced with encoding problems
in emacs (emacs 23), for example
(message "some not English text") print right message to console
if I call it using emacs -batch,

so I have no guess, why org-mode convert my utf-8 text to some strange
encoding, the same thing happened on another machine
with emacs 22, utf-8 locale and completly empty ".emacs" (a couple of
lines only).

May I should set utf-8 somewhere in org-mode preferences?

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