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Re: [Orgmode] Searching inside of attachments (pdf, odt)?

From: Karl Maihofer
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Searching inside of attachments (pdf, odt)?
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 10:09:24 +0200
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Hi Samuel,

Samuel Wales <address@hidden> schrieb:
My idea is to use ordinary agenda search like this:
  1) agenda search displays the headline that has the
  2) org uses an alist to determine the correct textifier
     according to extension.  e.g. '((".pdf" . "pdf2text")).
  3) agenda searches normally (as if the contents of the
     attachment were body text).

correct me if i'm wrong, but your approach is to search inside (an)
already identified attachment(s)?

I'd like to find attachments by searching inside the whole set of
attachments. I do have many articles (pdf-files) to deal with. When i
write a report on a special topic i have to find articles that are
relevant to the topic i'm working on at the moment.

If we use the standard textifiers the procedure will probably get very
slow if there are many attachments. I think using an index would be a
good idea.

To describe what i'm looking for:
My first step is to create an entry for each article, define tags
(describing the content) and add some notes.

* Title of the article                           :tag:tag:tag:
  :Attachments: article.pdf
  :ID: 387HJGJD78-758GZFHF87-JKHKJ57dfd9
  - Very good explanation of X.
  - New view on Y.

But it would be much more powerful to be able not only to find an
entry by searching for tags but to search inside the attachments.

I'm not a programmer, so sorry if my ideas are stupid. ;-) But i thing
the following questions have to be answered:

1) Is there a tool like Lucene that can index pdf-files as they are
   stored by orgmode (directory structure)?
2) Is it possible to send a query to this tool from within emacs?
3) Is it possible to "import" the answer of the tool into emacs and
   combine it with orgmode so that the result looks somehow like this:
   "Search string 'XX' found in file 'article.pdf' attached to task
   'Title of the article'". A click on the name of the attachment
   should open the pdf-file in the pdf-reader; a click on the task
   name should show the task in the org-buffer.


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