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[Orgmode] Binding a key to org-store-link in a shell (non-eshell)

From: Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs
Subject: [Orgmode] Binding a key to org-store-link in a shell (non-eshell)
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 14:01:05 +0200
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I usually prefer to use a regular shell in screen, and today I wanted
to press my <f9>n remember keybinding on the shell, which already
works in mutt and emacs (and also via bookmarklet, shortcut 'a', in

I use zsh, I'm not a zsh expert (still a newbie after a couple of
years), but I managed to cook up the following:

In my .zshrc:

# bind <f9>n to org-store-link
bindkey -s "\e[20~n" 'emacsclient 

And I have a little perl program in my $PATH, because doing it all with perl -e
demanded too many levels of quoting which confused me and zsh alike:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use URI::Escape qw/ uri_escape uri_escape_utf8 /;
use Cwd qw/getcwd abs_path/;
$pwd = abs_path(getcwd);
print uri_escape_utf8($pwd);

Now I press <f9>n on the shell prompt and the following happens:
address@hidden:~/anon-vc/org-mode> emacsclient 
Waiting for Emacs...

And I can press Ctrl-l in an org mode buffer to insert that link.

Good enough for me ;)


 - Are there any zsh veterans here who know a cleaner, nicer, more
   zsh-y way of doing this?
 - Any bash (or tcsh, ksh) user wants to jump in and provide their equivalent?
 - Any idea how to do this without perl, just with emacs and the shell?

Have a nice sunday!
        Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs <address@hidden>
                             TauPan on Ircnet and Freenode ;)

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