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Re: [Orgmode][babel] noweb does not work (as expected)

From: Torsten Wagner
Subject: Re: [Orgmode][babel] noweb does not work (as expected)
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 10:40:50 +0900
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> Hi Torsten,
Hi Tom,
> It's not clear to me what outcome you desire.  Tangling should result  
> in a source file that can serve as input to a compiler or  
> interpreter.  The combination of :noweb and :session lets you write  
> literate programs that are sent directly to an interpreter, which  
> presumably creates some useful output along the way (my example makes  
> some graphs after a lot of data reshaping), but might be used just to  
> set up an environment in the interpreter, which then can be  
> manipulated directly in the session buffer.

Actually I'm looking for a way to execute several of my source code buffers in 
a comfortable and semiautomatic way to do exactly what you described. Joggling 
around with my measurement data... bend badly statistics until it fit to my 
world ;) and finally create a plot, table or even a single number. The blocks 
should be aware of each other (same session) and I like to have a single local 
place to control the order in which the source code blocks are executed and be 
able to tweak around with some variables or add quickly.
Thus, this sound really like :noweb and :session will do this.

However, sometimes I would prefer to see the code all tangled together in one 
chunk. This might be esp. interesting for several purposes.
a) Give the pure code to someone else,
b) Make a somehow stand-alone-version without org-babel e.g. to execute it 
over and over again on another org-babel free machine,
c) Debugging and bug searching might be easier since you can clearly see the 
interfaces between the source code blocks without to much org-mode in between.

I guess at the moment I could create two blocks ... one :noweb, :nosession for 
the interactive work on the project and one with :tangle which put all this 
together into a single file. I never tried :tangle and :noweb together. 
Actually, they should not conflict so fare. However, at the worg-page all 
options are given as mutual exclusive. 

I will give at a trial... as soon as I make my file working under both methods.

Best regards,


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