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Re: [Orgmode] LaTeX export of section links

From: Francesco Pizzolante
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] LaTeX export of section links
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 16:23:09 +0100
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>> OK. But the information in these 2 comments is correctly used to replace the
>> alias (heading-c and heading-d) with the label generated by org during the
>> export. See the last 2 references in my example: these references are
>> correct.
>> They thus have been correctly processed from heading-c and heading-d 
>> to sec-3
>> and sec-4... these comments are thus not simply removed... right?
> This is only by chance, because a simple text search does match these two
> lines.
> if you'd happen to have the string headline-a anywhere in the file, the link
> would point to the enclosing section.
>> That's why, when creating references to sections I found the #
>> +CUSTOM_ID very
>> elegant... But apparently I don't have to use such syntax...
> Not if you want to have reliable links, no.

It's understood now.

Thanks a lot for your detailed answers.


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