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Re: [Orgmode] Speed commands (was: Release 6.33)

From: Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Speed commands (was: Release 6.33)
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 17:29:15 +0100
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Carsten Dominik schrieb:
> >(("y" . (progn
> >         (delete-other-windows)
> >         (recenter-top-bottom 0)))
> >("A" . (if (y-or-n-p "Archive this subtree or entry? ")
> >         (call-interactively org-archive-subtree)
> >         (error "Abort")))
> > ("," . org-cycle-agenda-files))

There's a quote missing before org-archive-subtree here, btw.

> The function is there, but the autoloads need to be up to date.
>    make autoloads
> should do the trick, certainly in the latest git release.

Oops, I usually just do 'make' after git pull. Is autoloads not
implied in the default target?

> >How about having an alternative keymap with vi-like moving keys? I
> >hardly ever use the C-b, C-f, C-n, C-p in my regular emacs work
> >(mostly cursor keys) and so I'm actually more comfortable with using
> >vi movement.
> I don't understand what you are proposing here.

k for up, j for down, h for left and l for right. So I guess k would
be previous-heading, j next heading, and h and l for the previous/next
sibling on the same level.

So I guess I have:

j   (org-speed-move-safe (quote outline-next-visible-heading))
k   (org-speed-move-safe (quote outline-previous-visible-heading))
l   (org-speed-move-safe (quote org-forward-same-level))
h   (org-speed-move-safe (quote org-backward-same-level))

In the vi-movement map. And somebody who is more proficient with vi
than I am probably can come up with some natural additions.

This is just a thought, I wanted to see if anyone would bite ;)

> This is nice, but I guess you want to stay in fast-key space.
> So
>    ("," . (progn (org-cycle-agenda-files)
>                  (or (and (bolp) (org-on-heading-p))
>                      (outline-next-visible-heading 1))))

Ah, much better! Thanks! ;)

        Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs <address@hidden>
                             TauPan on Ircnet and Freenode ;)

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