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[Orgmode] icalendar: exporting times of day specified in heading?

From: Stephen Eglen
Subject: [Orgmode] icalendar: exporting times of day specified in heading?
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 14:38:36 +0000


I often use org-agenda-diary-entry to make simple entries into
an agenda.org file.  I see that the agenda is clever enough to recognise
if a time range has been typed into the heading.  However, this time
range is not exported by the icalendar code.

Here's a simple example, independent of org-agenda-diary-entry, although
in reality, example 2 would be the type of entry I normally make.

if I have a test.org file containing:
* <2010-01-16 Sat 08:00-08:30> example 1

* <2010-01-16 Sat> example 2 09:00-09:30

then when I view the agenda I see:

Saturday   16 January 2010
  test:        8:00- 8:30 example 1
               8:00...... ----------------
  test:        9:00- 9:30  example 2 
              10:00...... ----------------

[There's an extra space before 'example 2', which I'm not sure about.]

So far, so good - the agenda has parsed 09:00-09:30 from the headline.
But now if I make an ics file (e.g. by 'C-c C-e i' in test.org) the
start and end time of the event are not recognised.  Here's a relevant
snippet from test.ics:

SUMMARY: example 1
SUMMARY: example 2 09:00-09:30

What I *think* I'd like is that for the 2nd calendar entry is


Is that sensible/possible?  Alternatively, how about
org-agenda-diary-entry parsing the time specification and writing the
date and time within angle brackets?

"Org-mode version 6.33trans (release_6.33f.22.gcb8ce.dirty)"

Thanks, Stephen

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