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[Orgmode] Emacs in a Term and Org

From: Richard Riley
Subject: [Orgmode] Emacs in a Term and Org
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 05:29:55 +0100
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More often than not I run emacsclient in rxvt under Tmux (a Screen
replacement). As a result (and inconveniently) a lot of common key
sequences dont work properly - generally involving shift/control/alt and
arrow and function keys. Most of the time it doesn't matter as there is
always a work around. 

In org-mode the only real headache this gives me are the calendar
commands for scheduling which involve the arrow keys. e.g S-left/right
for sliding a date a day or two. Currently I can use "+4d" for example
instead of 4 x S-right, however not always convenient - Currently I need
to bring up an X frame pretty much only for org scheduling.

I was wondering if anyone here has devised a consistent key map not including
these modern fangled "arrow keys" ;)  ? 

In the mini buffer we cant use the standard calendar keys (which would
be nice) since its a freetype field and these calendar UI keys are the
standard emacs editline commands (C-f C-b etc).

I did wonder about a solution I could try to implement which would be to
have a setting, default to nil, which would default any date edit input
to the calendar UI only and you can then enter the actual editline ui
for entering a time or relative date by hitting something like "@" which
has no current calendar binding and then you can have the default
currently defined behaviour.

Possibly I've overlooked other options / solutions but the arrow keys are
pretty inconvenient in layout for me in addition to not working
correctly in conjunction with S/C in many Term implementations.

Possibly its just a urxvt/tmux solution I need : but the whole termcap
/term and emacs issue is a nest of vipers ;)

Ideas and pointers very welcome.

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