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[Orgmode] Re: Emacs in a Term and Org

From: Richard Riley
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Emacs in a Term and Org
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 10:22:42 +0100
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Jan Böcker <address@hidden> writes:

R> On 01.03.2010 05:29, Richard Riley wrote:
>> More often than not I run emacsclient in rxvt under Tmux (a Screen
>> replacement). As a result (and inconveniently) a lot of common key
>> sequences dont work properly - generally involving shift/control/alt and
>> arrow and function keys. Most of the time it doesn't matter as there is
>> always a work around. 
> [snip]
>> Ideas and pointers very welcome.
> Chapter "14.6 Using Org on a tty" in the manual lists, among other
> things, the following alternative bindings for S-left/right:
> `S-<left>'  `C-c <left>'
> `S-<right>' `C-c <right>'

Hi Jan,

Not really as they still use the arrow keys. In terms any form of key
sequence involving them can cause havoc - I dont know if tmux/urxvt are
a particularly bad combo for this.

C-c <right> is reported as undefined. Possibly someone else can confirm
if it works on their setup? I tried it in urxvt and xterm.

> HTH,
> Jan
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