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Re: [Orgmode] "due today" agenda command stopped working

From: David Maus
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] "due today" agenda command stopped working
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 15:44:29 +0100
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Michael Gilbert wrote:
>Hi —

>A while back, Carsten helped me out with a "due today" custom agenda
>command. This is it:

>(setq org-agenda-custom-commands
>     '(("d" "Due today" agenda ""
>        ((org-deadline-warning-days 0)
>         (org-agenda-skip-scheduled-if-deadline-is-shown t)
>         (org-agenda-skip-function
>          (lambda ()
>            (let* ((dl (org-entry-get nil "DEADLINE")))
>              (if (or (not dl)
>                      (equal dl "")
>                      (org-time> dl (org-time-today)))
>                  (progn (outline-next-heading) (point))))))))
>       )

>I routinely keep up with org-mode updates and recently this stopped
>working properly. What it does now is list a small subset of the
>items due today. After an hour looking at them, I can't figure out
>why it's leaving most of them out. The pattern just isn't clear to
>me. I'm wondering if something this command depends upon has
>changed. Well, probably it has, but the questions are: What changed?
>And is thethere another solution to the "due today" custom command?

I cannot reproduce this with

Org-mode version 6.34trans (release_6.34c.224.ga8427)


GNU Emacs (i486-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.18.7) of
 2010-03-11 on elegiac, modified by Debian

My test file:
| * TODO Another one
|   DEADLINE: <2010-03-20 Sa>
| * TODO Test
|   DEADLINE: <2010-03-17 Mi>

Setting `org-agenda-custom-commands' as mentioned and hitting C-a d
show only the headline with deadline of today whilst using C-a a shows

Wild guess: Do the headlines appear in the weekly/daily agenda view
and are the files with headlines that are not shown with C-a d in
Orgmode's list of agenda files?

 -- David

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