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[Orgmode] Re: org-mode tutorial questionaire

From: Matt Lundin
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: org-mode tutorial questionaire
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 15:42:02 -0400
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Hi Alex,

Alexander Poslavsky <address@hidden> writes:

> There is a new tutorial on worg: http://orgmode.org/worg/org-tutorials/
> org4beginners.php. The idea is to write a tutorial for somebody who is
> new to org-mode.
> For everybody:
> -What kind of tutorial would be the most useful? 
> -What in your experience people find confusing?

Thanks for taking the time to put this on Worg. I wish I had had such a
concise summary of the various flavors of emacs on different platforms
when I started exploring org-mode.

I was wondering if you could elaborate on the following. Are you
suggesting that new users should never use M-x customize?

| The biggest pain, when you just begin with Emacs, is the configuration.
| There is not really a menu for it (you might later hear there is, but
| they are lying, that menu is really there to trap innocent people), you
| need to edit a text-file.

A few comments:

1. Some of the "step-by-step" instructions might be a bit easier to
   follow in list format (rather than paragraphs).

2. If I were reading the tutorial for the first time, I might conclude
   that I had to place "#-*- mode: org -*-" at the top of all my org
   files, even after configuring auto-mode-alist.

3. Why C-x b 2.org --> M-x org-mode --> C-x C-s as the recommended
   workflow? Once the configuration file is set up, C-x C-f 2.org will
   bring one right into org-mode.

Thanks again for all the work you've put into this.


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