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[Orgmode] hyperlink to IMAP email

From: Arne Freyberger
Subject: [Orgmode] hyperlink to IMAP email
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 19:51:52 +0000 (UTC)
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I would like to link to email messages that are held in IMAP folders either
locally or on the server.   I've tried vm but realized that I would have to set
up a copy of my IMAP folder structure into the vm folder world in order for that
to work.  I was about to investigate wanderlust, but realized what I really want
is a command line mechanism to launch an email reader at a specified message
within my IMAP folders.   So far I have not found one that allows this.   What I
am after is a way to put in a link to invoke a command like:

    myemailclient address@hidden -folder=myfolder

I presently use thunderbird as my email client and it doesn't support this, I've
looked at several other linux email clients and they do not support this either.

Does anyone know of an email client that can be invoked from the command line to
open up at a specific IMAP email?   How do the org-mode  users link to their
IMAP mail?

thanks in advance!

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