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[Orgmode] A bright new Org-mode clone project

From: Julien Barnier
Subject: [Orgmode] A bright new Org-mode clone project
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 19:39:14 +0200
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Dear org-moders,

Today is quite a special day for me, and for many of org-mode users I
think, because I'm going to introduce a project that, I believe, could
really help to promote and transform org-mode as a major killer-app.

It has been a long time since I think about it, but now I am going to
fork the org-mode project. I say "fork", but I should better say
"clone", because the idea is to reimplement org-mode from scratch
while keeping the same features, and much more.

Why restart from scratch ? Because I think that org-mode should be
easier to install and run on different OSes. That's why I'm going to
rewrite it in C#/Mono : this will assure that the new project can run on
every machine you can think about, and it would be much lighter on
resources (especially memory) than Emacs.

Another major change from the current org-mode will be the shortcuts
and general organization of the interface. Because Emacs keys are
really to complicated and quite outdated, I'm going to reimplement
org-mode with a modern graphical interface, which would be almost
exclusively mouse driven. I also plan to add some 3D compiz-like
effects that would allow some text animation or blinking in order to
make tags and keywords more visible.

As you see, the project is already quite advanced and mature. The last
thing I have to do is to find a name for it. I was thinking of
"smog-mode", or maybe "frog-mode", but I'm open to any suggestion.

And, of course, feel free to join your forces to this bright new
project !



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