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[Orgmode] Question: org-remember and level>1 target headline

From: Martin Pohlack
Subject: [Orgmode] Question: org-remember and level>1 target headline
Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 19:40:19 +0200
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Hi all,

to practically prevent merge conflicts between the different machines
that I use I want to capture new items not directly under the global
"Inbox" headline, but under "Inbox/$HOSTNAME".

For example, I often capture new items on my desktop and my notebook
and later sync.  The new items will always conflict as they are placed as
last child of "Inbox".

I now switched my org-remember templates from statically specifying
"Inbox" as target headline to a helper function:


(defun my-host-name ()
  "Returns the name of the current host minus the domain."
  (let ((hostname (downcase (system-name))))
      (substring hostname (string-match "^[^.]+" hostname) (match-end 0)))))

(defun my-org-remember-headline ()
  (concatenate 'string "Inbox/" (my-host-name)))


The problem now is that I would like the target to be:

* Inbox
***** new item

Instead, I get this:

*** new items

My question now is how to specify the headline hierarchy here?


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