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Re: [Orgmode] org-toodledo : sycning org-mode and Toodledo

From: Mark Elston
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] org-toodledo : sycning org-mode and Toodledo
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 14:42:35 -0700
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I have been playing with this today as well and can't get DEADLINES
to work.  How did you do it?  When I set a deadline in org and sync
it doesn't show up in Toodledo.

In fact, I set a Start Date in Toodledo and did an update and
my Scheduled date in org went away.


On 5/20/2010 2:18 AM, Sven Bretfeld wrote:
Hi Giovanni and all others

Giovanni Ridolfi<address@hidden>  writes:

Just for information:

Two days ago (May 16th, 2010 ) Sacha Chua published a blog post with
her contribution to org-toodledo.el - Toodledo integration for Emacs
Org mode


The code is available also on GitHub at

Perhaps it is worth to look at it.

Yes it definitely is. I'm playing with it at the moment. There are also
some Toodledo clients available for Android.

Here are some problems I encountered:

1. _Tags are ignored._

    Toodledo discriminates between Contexts and Tags. The preamble of
    org-toodledo.el states that both are mapped to what is called tags in
    orgmode (e.g. :@HOME:). But Toodledo-tags are ignored in the
    sync-process (both ways), while contexts are working fine.

2. _Start Dates are ignored._

    Toodledo's Start Dates should be mapped to SCHEDULED in orgmode
    according to the preamble. This is also not working for me. DEADLINE
    (Due Date) is working fine.

3. _Diacritics_

    German (and probably other) umlauts break the upload. A task like
    ** TODO Test für Uploads
    ends up like "Test f" in Toodledo. Downloading similar entries end up in
    the wrong encoding in orgmode.

4. _Time_

    Using the Due Time field (instead of Due Date) in Toodledo breaks the
    sync process: "Wrong type argument: stringp nil".

5. _Appointments?_

    Is there any way to use normal active timestamps? Toodledo has no
    calender nor a function for appointments. It would be nice to use
    Toodledo to at least capture appointments. I've tried to
    manually add a timestamp like<2010-05-27 11:00>  to the headline or
    the textfield, but that doesn't work due to the encoding problem
    mentioned above: The<  character will be changed during the sync



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