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[Orgmode] Re: add a table entry by org-remember template

From: zwz
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: add a table entry by org-remember template
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 19:12:01 +0800
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Matt Lundin <address@hidden> writes:

> zwz <address@hidden> writes:
>> AFAIK, it is now impossible to add a table entry by org-template.
>> But I think it is very useful. For example,
>> in my private.org, there is a section
>> * Contacts
>>   | name | tel. | email   | addr      |
>>   |------+------+---------+-----------|
>>   | A    |   12 | address@hidden | somewhere |
>> If it is feasible with such a template  
>> ("Contact" ?c "| %^{Name} | %^{tel} | %^{email} | %^{addr} |\n"
>> "~/private.org" "Contacts")
>> to add new contacts, it would be very nice to organize (e.g. sort) all
>> the contacts based on org-table.
> One solution would be to use properties to store contact information:
> * Name
>   :NAME:     A
>   :TEL:      12
>   :EMAIL:    address@hidden
>   :ADDR:     somewhere
>   :END:
> It would be easy to set up a remember template to capture such
> information. You could then sort all the headings in the contacts file
> by property. And there are other advantages. You could view the
> information in contact view or capture it (or a subset) in tables using
> dblocks. You could add notes and additional metadata to each contact.
> And you could access this data in other emacs modes by using org's
> APIs.  
>  - (info "(org) Using the property API")
>  - (info "(org) Using the mapping API")
> HTH,
> Matt
Yes, this is how I am doing now.
I forgot the "column view" thing. :)

BTW, how to sort the headings (names) by the properties?
and what is dblocks?
Are they mentioned in the manual?

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